Sunday Afternoon Project: Desk Redesign

Many years ago, my parents bought my brother and I each an Elfa shelving system from The Container Store. These systems are unique in that you mount them on the wall and hang the shelves on long metal beams that run vertically down the wall. This allows you to mount the shelves at any height and in any configuration you like.

The desk before.

Since working from home, I realized the need to stand up more. My desk was not configured for that, so I took this afternoon to take everything off the shelves, dust everything off, and then redesign the shelves so that I could mount my laptop and monitor at eye level.

The desk after.

While not perfect, I’m pleased with the results. I can move my laptop down to the main desk when I want to sit. And I have more room on the desk itself for when I need to read or write.

I looked into standing desk solutions for my existing desk, but most looked to cumbersome to work with. The VariDesk is the best option, but wouldn’t work with my existing setup due to the shelf height. So, this is what I’m going with, for now at least.

Next up is to figure out a way to elevate my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. After that, it’s cable control.

Regardless, this was a productive way to spend a Sunday afternoon when it’s 100 degrees outside.


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