July 2020 Update

Here we are, over halfway through the year and four months into quarantining and social distancing. Hard to believe, if you ask me.

2020 hasn’t been the year anyone expected it to be, but whether it’s been a bad year is a matter of perspective. I, for one, have been making lots of lemonade out of all these lemons!

Working from home has not only been great for my overall well-being, but it has also afforded me plenty of time to start my own business. Being “stuck at home” has also given me plenty of time to reflect on my life, my dreams, and my goals.

I’m part of a virtual networking group that meets every Monday via Zoom. Every week we are all asked to answer a question or share something at the spur of the moment. A few weeks ago, the question was, “What are your goals for the second half of 2020?” (Since many people’s goals for the year had been blown out of the water…)

Being asked such a question without time to think usually means that the deepest, most truthful answer comes to the surface. For me, it was simple.

“I want to reach the point where it makes financial sense to quit my day job and go all-in on my business.”

Everyone in the group cheered me on towards that goal. I felt excited and motivated. But I also felt (and still feel) a little apprehensive.

Could I really do that? Is it possible? What happens if I don’t make it? These questions flooded my mind.

So, I did what any good thinker or analyst would do and put together a plan. I figured out what my income goals should be to reach the “quitting point”. (I made sure they were SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.) I then broke those goals down to see how many clients I would need to take on each month and at what rates. From that point, I estimated how many prospects I should be contacting each month.

All that to say, while I still feel a little apprehension day to day, I know I have a plan I need to stick to in order to get where I want to be.

It might not be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

I’ve also been evaluating my other goals for the rest of 2020. At the start of the year, I wrote out a few major goals I wanted to accomplish and tried to break them down by month. A few haven’t changed, but others have—and that’s okay.

So here are a few things on my radar for the rest of 2020, and perhaps a few things you can look forward to…

#1: Build my business’s website. Ironically, the biggest part of my business as an online advertising and marketing agency is building websites—yet I haven’t had time to build my own! I’ve been busy working with clients on their sites to work on mine. (If you’d like to see a pretty construction page, you can check it out here at webandads.com.)

#2: Start a blog. Yes, I already have a personal blog on this site, and I will have a business blog on my business site. But I’ve decided to start a blog for a “higher purpose”: sharing good music to inspire and broaden musical tastes. I’ve already got a name for it, too: The Freedom of Music. (Rush fans will catch the reference.)

I believe something everyone should do is listen to a new song every day, so I intend to share a “Song of the Day” so we can all enjoy music and expand our palettes together. (If you’re interested in being notified when the blog goes live, contact me through this site and I’ll make sure you’re notified!)

#3: Read 52 books this year. I knew that starting a business and putting hours towards that would take away from my reading time. Plus, especially when it comes to non-fiction, I don’t like to just consume a bunch of information without applying it somehow. So, I initially set the bar low: only 26 books, approximately 1 every 2 weeks.

Well, I’m currently at 25 for the year anyway, so I decided to double the goal. Will I make it? Maybe not, especially if business gets even busier than it currently is (which would be a great thing). But that’s okay, because I’ve learned it’s better to go for quality over quantity.

Bonus: Upgrade my wardrobe. I’ll be honest, my sense of style hasn’t been very good and my wardrobe reflected that. I’ll also admit that I started the year going a little overboard with clothing purchases (like those Grenadine ties and cufflinks). I know the way I dress affects the way I feel, so I dress the part I’m playing (or want to play).

As with reading, my goal is quality over quantity—wardrobe minimalism—and also to be patient and wait for good deals. So far, I’ve done a pretty good job obtaining some critical style pieces, and I don’t have too much left that I really need or want. (The great irony of this goal is that, since I’ve spent much more time at home due to COVID, I’ve been wearing almost solely at-home clothes—certainly not the Grenadine ties.)

So, the rest of 2020 looks to be busy, exciting, and inspiring. I aim to soon get more active promoting How Computers Work, but need to figure out a good plan for marketing it (and balance it with everything else I have going on!).

Unfortunately, since updating the look and feel of my website, I’ve lost a lot of the integrated WordPress blogging functionality. Comments no longer seem available for my posts.

So, if you’d like to reply to this post or write me, I think you’ll have to do it through the contact form. (Sorry about that.) I guess that’s another goal for this year: get some form of commenting enabled on this site again.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this update and I hope it inspires you. Stay positive, healthy, and strong—and God bless you.


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