Finally, a Book That Makes Computers Easier For Everyone

And Teaches You How to Become Your Own Tech Support

How Computers Work and What to Do When They Don't, available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Do you wish you knew more about what makes computers tick?

Is your computer running slow or grinding to a halt?

Are you constantly fending off computer viruses?

Does your definition of “troubleshooting” involve blowing holes in your laptop with a .45?

If you answer to any of these questions is “Yes!“, then this is the book for you.

How Computers Work and What to Do When They Don’t  Will Teach You…

Most people use computers every day, but don’t understand much about how computers operate. When a computer stops working correctly, they typically take it to a retailer for repair or, if they’re fortunate, have a technically-minded friend or family member fix it.

This book exists to equip you, the user, with the knowledge you need to start solving your own computer conundrums and—even better—to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Here's What You Get:

This book is written for users like you! Whether you want to save money by solving your own tech issues, rejuvenate an old computer, or simply learn more about technology, How Computers Work and What to Do When They Don’t  is an invaluable resource!

A Look Behind the Book

No More Feeling Like the Lego Man

Why I Wrote A Computer How-To Book

For years, I was the “IT guru” for family and friends. Being a computer whiz, I didn’t mind helping people with their tech problems. Sometimes I got paid for it—pretty well, in fact.

But I realized that I was solving the same problems over and over for different people. I also realized that it was fairly easy to teach people how to solve these problems themselves, as well as the steps they could take to prevent problems in the first place.

I combined two of my skills, writing and troubleshooting, plus my years of hands-on experience with technology, and the result is this book.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”  That’s what the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu once said.

My goal with this book is to teach you to fish—in this case, to solve a lifetime’s worth of computer problems.

A Few Glowing Reviews

"The prose is good, it reads well. It's factually accurate, even when it touches on matters of opinion and taste. Does a good job of defining terms. I think it could give someone dealing with their computer good guidance, and enough, but not too much, confidence; it draws a well positioned line explaining where the reader should go for expert help."
"Good book that covers a wide range of basics. I was going to give this four stars but added the fifth because Matthew included an excellent list of resources and a valuable short list of what to do for common problems. I hope he follows up with a more technical book for those of us who want to go to the next level. Well done."
"Great book for understanding the inner workings of computers.... A book written for people like me who basically know how to turn it on and off and get to the Internet.... Well done, Matthew...."
"I've been teaching Intro to Computing/Computer Applications at the college level and to professional adult students for over ten years. This book is an excellent intro for anyone who might be learning how to use computers for the first time. Most of my older students are embarrassed to be learning at what they consider a late date, and this book is gently reassuring while giving useful, readable, practical information. I will absolutely be using Matthew's book in my private classes alongside our other materials."

Are You Ready to Put Your Tech Woes Behind You?

Buy the book today. Available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.